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PVC cling film slitting&rewinding machine


    PVC cling film slitting&rewinding machine is designed for one stop converting machine with multi-funcitonal of slitting for PVC cling film,PE cling film,PE stretch film,and also can work as rewinding machine of PVC cling film,PE cling film,PE food stretch wrapping film,LLDPE stretch film etc.
    This machine is completed with perforating line funciton,it is done during the slitting&rewinding process.By this function,the machine can save the labor cost and electrical cunsumption,it is direct to do the perforate from the jumbo roll into sub roll,example:the mother roll is 900mm width,it can result for 3 units sub rolls at 300mm width with the perforation line which will be easy tear for user without the knife cutter.
    The PVC sub roll will apprear as transparent and clear after a few days by our machine with special tension control.
    For immediate transparent,machine will fix a vacumn system to drive off all the air to look transparent to see through into the paper core.
    Material:PVC cling film,PE stretch film
    Maximum width of parent roll:1000mm
    Maximum outer dia of parent roll:475mm
    Inner dia of parent roll:76mm
    Slit&Rewind sub roll width:50-1000mm
    Rewind roll inner dia:1/1.5/2/3inch
    Rewind roll outer dia:300mm

Cling Film Slitter Rewinder, Stretch Film Slitter Rewinder,

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