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JP- 680 Electronic Measuring Instrument


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Electronic Measuring Instrument Fumigated Wood BoxDelivery Detail:Shipped in 10 days after payment
JP-/680 Electronic Measuring Instrument

1.15-inch touch screen
2.Win CE operating system


1.Touch-screen operation:Man-machine friendly interface,operate more convenient
2.Chinese english display:Display language can be changed between Chinese and English.


1)Measured value display is a combination of numbers and vector graphics,Vector graphics can quickly detect the amount degree of imbalance and angle orientation,Graphic scale values can be adjustable,Easy to set up various grades.

2)There are tips for all system parameter,including parameter definitions and setting range. Easy for users to quick start

3)Automatically determine whether the rotor is quality.There are colored tips

4)Flexible calibration mode,Process also has the guide's instructions.More professional calibration interface,easy to maintain,Calibration process arbitrary execution,it display original measurement data,up to 100 calibration stages

4.High precision dispaly:Minimum resolution of 0.001mg.

5.Measurement speed:120-12000r/min

6.Single/double plane balancing measure:Balancing measure has double plane dynamic balancing, single-plane static balance and static and dynamic balance methods to choose

7.Variety of supporting mode:Traditional six kinds of double-plane and single-plane supporting mode.wide range of application

8.Diversity of calculation method:With a mathematical model and a physical model calculation way,Applicable for all kinds of hard bearing and soft bearing balancing machine

9.Sensor detection:Can diagnose sensor or whether the sensor is faulty, to avoid workpiece false balance

10.Electronic compensating:With electrical compensation,Treat common rotor as test rotor,applicable for all conditions,Debugging more convenient, system model is more in line with the actual situation

11.Indexing function:Solving the balancing problem of rotor blade ,display unbalance amount of each blade directly

12.Unbalance calculation:Software in accordance with the ISO1940 standard, built-in allowable unbalance calculate,just input related parameter,we can calculate the allowable unbalance amount directly

13.Waveform Display:You can see the waveform amplitude signal acquisition.

14.USB Data Export:Measurement data can be exported through U disk.

15.100 Rotor data storage:Rotor data can be saved for next measure use

16.Data Printing:Print report contains rotor parameters, correction plane information, eligibility criteria, measurement data, vector and qualified judgment and other information, for A4 paper format



Electronic Measuring Instrument,

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