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Electronic Measuring Instrument for Textile Tensile Test, Tearing Test, Thickness Test


XLW(EC) Auto Tensile Tester is newly designed with features of bidirectional movement for tensile and compression test. It is also be used for open force for bottle caps, puncture test, peeling test and etc with high accuracy (better than 0.5%).


ISO 37, ASTM E4, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ASTM F904, JIS P8113


  • Better than 0.5% of full scale effectively ensures accurate test results.
  • 8 independent test modes are available, including tensile strength, peeling force, tearing force, heat sealing and other performance test.
  • Support bidirectional testing modes including stretching and compression and test speed could be adjusted freely.
  • Different test range of load cells and 7 distinct test speeds to meet different test requirements.
  • Pneumatic clamping system provides the even clamping force for specimen to ensure the accuracy of test results.
  • Intelligent designs of over-travel protection, overload protect, and automatic position reset for safe test operation.
  • Professional operating software support statistical analysis of group specimens, and export test results in different units.
  • Utilize Labthink's latest embedded computer system, with better performance than traditional single chip one.
  • Support LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform and systematic management of test results and test reports


Specifications XLW (EC)
Load Cell Capacity 500 N (standard) 50 N (optional)
Accuracy Better than 0.5% FS
Test Speed Forward 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 mm/min
Backward 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 mm/min
Number of Specimens 1
Specimen Width 30 mm (Standard Grip)
50 mm (Optional Grip)
Clamping Way Pneumatic Specimen Clamp
Gas Supply Air(outside of supply scope)
Gas Supply Pressure) 0.5 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa
Stroke 950 mm
Instrument Dimension 450 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 1410 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 70 kg


1. Shearing Test
2. Test of Tensile Strength and Elongation Rate
3. Test of Tensile Strength at Break
4. Tear Resistance Test
5. Heat Seal Strength Test
6. 90 Degree Peel Test
7. 180 Degree Peel Test
8. Tensile Strength Test at Defined Elongation

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